Aims and Scope

The Journal of Populism Studies (JPS) (ISSN number 2795-9058) is published by the European Center for Populism Studies (ECPS). JPS observes and analyzes different manifestations of political populism around the world, including the underlying reasons for the rise of populism and its impact on individuals, society, culture, politics, and institutions. JPS’s scope covers many emerging research areas relating to populism. The journal welcomes contributions that combine empirical research with a conceptual reflection on populism.

JPS aims to fill the scientific gap by highlighting academic awareness, interaction, and discussion on populism and its proponents. JPS is an interdisciplinary journal that includes perspectives from various disciplines, including political science, law, sociology, history, psychology, media and communication studies, environmental studies, leadership studies, economics, gender studies, religious studies, and educational studies.

JPS is a peer-reviewed journal that provides an alternative and reflective analysis of populism trends by scrutinizing various disciplines’ perspectives. All research articles undergo rigorous double-blind reviews based on initial editor screening and anonymous judging by at least two external scholars.


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